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Journeyman III

Doom Eternal visual glitch after 21.3.1 driver

After the 21.3.1 driver which added support for The Acient Gods Part 2, Doom Eternal has been filled with visual bugs/glitches for me and it get worse the longer I play.

The GPU is XFX R9 280X

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Journeyman III

Hello Pipyakas, thank you for this information

Both of my cards are affected, Radeon R7 370 4GB, and Radeon R9 280 3GB!
Please AMD, make DooM Eternal compatible again! The new drivers do not work with this game.


See my pictures, the textures are broken. Best regards, MiC



With AMD essentially abandonning their old GPUs driver support while there're still game-breaking bug like this though, I see no chance that this one issue will ever get fixed
I'll stick with a 3-months older driver until I stop playing DE, or simply upgrade to an RTX GPU after the stock and price has gone back

my son and i thought the cards were broken. Your report opened our eyes
Hope that AMD does not do it on purpose, so install driver errors in older cards .. a shame

New cards are overpriced, we're waiting too ..