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Doom 2016 - BSOD

First of all i have to excuse me for my bad english but i try my best to make my post understandable and provide as much information i can. So i have a problem with Doom 2016, as the title says.

My Hardware:
CPU: Ryzen 7 3800x

GPU: Saphire RX590 Nitro+

RAM: 16GB 3000MHz

I want to learn speedrunning Doom, so i need the following Software to record my runs:

- Doom 2016

- LiveSplit (To track the time)


If you want to capture Doom 2016, with OBS, you have to set the game to Borderless and set OBS to screen capture (Not game capture). You also need to run Doom in Vulkan Mode, so that LiveSplit can hook the Game and record the time for each level. So i NEED to run Doom in Vulkan Mode. I also use CPU Encoding in OBS, not the AMD Encoder from the GPU. And no, it doesnt work either if i set OBS Encoder to AMD Encoding.

And here starts  the Problem. When i run Doom in Vulkan Mode, with OBS Capturing everything runs fine. But i dont want to play with VSYNC on. Right the moment i disable VSYNC i get a INSTANT "Bluescreen of Death".

I looked up the Bluescreen Dump File and it seems to be related to the AMD Drivers.

I also include some screenshots of my AMD Settings and the Bluescreen Dump.

Bluescreen Dump:

My Settings in the AMD Software: 

If someone need any further information im very happy to provide them.

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Doom is working on my rig. R5 2400G, 32GB RAM, MSI X470 Gaming Plus. RX 480 8GB OC

Probably a good idea to use DDU and clean up the drivers and try 20.1.4 again


I tried that multiple times and tried also different driver versions, i also reinstalled windows a couple of times, but nothing helps

A friend of mine with a RX570 has the same problem. could it be a RX5xx specific problem?


itzkekz wrote:

I tried that multiple times and tried also different driver versions, i also reinstalled windows a couple of times, but nothing helps


A friend of mine with a RX570 has the same problem. could it be a RX5xx specific problem?

The RX 580 is a rebadged RX 480 etc


While similar for sure it is not a re-badge. Re-badge means it is a re-issue of the same card under a new name. The RX 580 is better than a 480 and a 590 is better than a 580. 


pokester wrote:

While similar for sure it is not a re-badge. Re-badge means it is a re-issue of the same card under a new name. The RX 580 is better than a 480 and a 590 is better than a 580. 

The RX 480, 580 and 590 all have 36 CU and differ only in clock speeds. My RX 480 can run at faster speed but the card is already powerful enough.

A new GPU is expensive to redesign every year. Given tapeout costs rebadging is all too common. NVidia also does it.


yes re-badges happen but an RX 580 is NOT one of them. 


I hate these replies so much, I've yet to see a satisfied user confirming this works. " just use DDU bro! Check the voltage! Probably the psu! " 

Such a company man, $0.00002 of amd store credit has been deposited in your account " Hardcoregames " tm

In all fairness there are a lot of times where you do have drivers that do not install correctly. Windows 10 is known to interfere with driver installs by trying to install its repository drivers at the same time as the driver you want to install leaving a big problem. This is why today most recommend blocking or turning off or unplugging from the internet when installing drivers. It keeps Windows update from phoning home and trying to install the driver it wants to use at the same time.

Now this being said YES IT IS INFURIATING that so many companies support departments want to have you go through useless steps or in AMD's case want you to run the AMD cleanup utility (however some suggest DDU and that is better) which not only in most cases won't help the GPU driver situation it will also wipe out every other AMD driver such as chipset, USB, AHCI etc... and most users are not prepared nor do they know how to look for all those drivers. It is like using a sledge hammer to nail in a picture nail. 

It is nothing short of a support department shifting the blame and not wanting to work with fixing the real problem. It would be much better for them to say regress to an older driver that worked and we are working on a fix for the next or future driver. In my experience that never happens if you even get a response at all. So luckily a lot of good advice does happen in these forums and remember that the people answering you here are not getting anything from AMD, they are truly volunteering time and trying to help whether it really helps or not. We all hopefully are helping as best we can and unfortunately none of us have influence over the driver team. In fact I have never once seen anyone from driver development in these forums. 

I agree with the windows update installing a driver when a different one is desired.

I have rolled back to 19.12.2 after experiencing several BSOD errors with 20.1.3 and 20.1.4


I do not see that a lot of times, the wording and the conduct on these forums bleeds zealot. So many people having so many problems, I've stuck my neck out on this card and I can't get a refund unless I some how begged Sapphire or amd directly to take my card back. Honestly I'm so angry at all of the harshness that my system has come under when it has been flawless until the moment I swapped my 970. I can't even play simple games from the early 2000's that have run like butter for years and even run for others with the same card. I honestly want to begin a hunger strike and call any one I can to watch the train wreck as I slowly die because this damnable card still won't run. Then I'd be able to spite AMD as hard as they and the forum predators here spite me.


I get your frustration. It is also very easy when you are upset to read emotion into what is said. Language is as much or more about how it is said as it is what is said. Some people also mean well but don't express themselves well. Again the help here is users like you. Most of us ended up here because of issues with our products too.

I had zero issues with ATI/AMD cards for nearly 20 years. Then I upgraded to an RX 580 and had to seek help here too as the card would not run any game with out black screens and hangs. AMDs drivers are a wreck and Wattman IMHO is horrible. I never got that card working across the board to my satisfaction and one driver would fix one game and break another or FreeSync or other features would not work right. I now have green cards in my 2 gaming machines and my son has one in his. No issues with those drivers and FreeSync works better on them than they ever had. I paid over $400 for my RX 580 during the mining boom. Making it the worst value GPU I ever had purchased. Again I did not feel that way about any of my previous AMD cards. Unfortunately now 3 years later things are still unchanged and I get your frustration. I should that I still have in service 3 computers to with old AMD cards that are fine an all are running old drivers that worked. I only use them for internet and streaming etc. They work and I don't have to disable hardware acceleration as the drivers are not broken like they recently have been. 

Now they have released another card with the bios fiasco and the complaints of driver issues with them similar to the other Navi cards are being reported everywhere.

All I can says is vote with your dollars next time. Only support a proven product. By all means with your current card you should exercise your consumer rights to. These card should also work at default settings unless you want to tinker with it to save power or increase speed. Unfortunately across the entire line most every card requires tinkering from defaults to get them stable and it IMHO should not be that way. They owe you a working card and there are people who seem to get cards that run better than others so try and RMA if they won't outright take it back.