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Adept I

Dolby Atmos causing AMD Driver Timeouts

So, I was troubleshooting my system for the last couple of weeks because it was acting strangely. The System is this:

Asus Strix Vega 64
Intel i7 4790k (but I tested a i5 4570 with the same results)
Gigabyte Z87M-D3H with latest BIOS
32GB DDR3 1600

Depending on the AMD Driver version I got either a BSOD with THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER or a AMD Driver timeout crash, this only happened with games and strangely fairly often when a Youtube Video was playing and I opened the Steam Client. When running stress tests the System would be perfectly stable for hours, even when hitting it with a combined load of Prime95 and Furmark. In addition the System is also perfectly stable on Linux with Mesa drivers.

I have a Monitor connected using Displayport and a HDMI connection to my A/V Reciever to play compatible games in HDR and Dolby Atmos on my TV, when playing on the Monitor I usually use headphones connected to a USB DAC and I just switch between the Audio devices.

Since games would crash anywhere between a few minutes to well over an hour into gameplay it took me a while to realize something: Whenever I was using my Headphones I couldn´  t remember having any stability issues.

My theory now was that Dolby Atmos could be the root of my issues, so I went ahead and tested a bit more focused. Games that actively support Atmos (i.e. Cyberpunk, F1 2020) have by far the most issues, however even those can randomly run stable for longer sessions. Games that don´  t support Atmos are much more stable, but at some point even those crash. Using the DAC made everything run stable, so does switching the HDMI Audio to 5.1 instead of Atmos.

I currently have the onboard GPU and onboard Sound disabled. Would it be possible to use these devices with the onboard HDMI as a dedicated Sound device to send the Atmos Signal to my A/V? Or are there any settings I could try on the AMD side of things to get this working properly?

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Adept II

I have 6900 xt since this week and use dolby atmos and no problems so far, i report back tho if i see anything wrong.



may i suggest you run powershell in admin and run command sfc /scannow ? maybe some corrupt system files are causing issues.

sfc found some errors and corrected them, but as I expected it didn´  t help. I tried that before, in then process of troubleshooting I also installed a fresh windows. Not sure if there is any meaningful difference between Atmos for Headphones like you are using it and Atmos for Home Cinema like I´  m tying to get working.

Yours probably runs by hdmi from AMD which would explain the bsod altho dolby atmos can be quite messy mine just randomly turns off at reboot now dts unbound if installed turns it self on by default at reboot overriding dolby atmos its not funny how terrible this software is,  it would not surprise me if it triggers bsod as result.

Yep, I´  m going to the AV with HDMI, that´  s why I was asking about a workaround using the onboard HDMI to test if for whatever reason I have a weird issue with the AMD Driver and Atmos over HDMI

if you have another hdmi output that is using different driver you can try that yes.