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Journeyman III

Does the Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.6.1 support the Radeon Pro Duo Polaris

The Drivers seem to support all the other pro cards apart from this one?

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19.6.1 is for the mainstream and gaming cards not for pro cards. The most recent pro driver for that card is 19.Q2.1.  Assuming you are on Windows as you gave no specs.

I guess the 'Pro' in the title gives that away. My question is about the removal of the 'driver options' tab in the pro driver on the 19 q2 release where in previous enterprise drivers you could easily change to the gaming driver if you so wished. With Amd stating that if you want to use the Adrenaline driver  now you will have to manually change it, the adrenaline driver download seems to be there for all the other pro cards except the radeon Pro duo Polaris. 


My guess would be that since it is the only infinity fabric connected pro card the other driver likely doesn't have support but that is just a guess. I do know I see it said here all the time that non pro drivers and pro drivers are not meant to be interchangeable. I have never had a pro card so I really can't speak intelligently to that.