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Does someone have a functioning iGPU videoplayback with Ryzen 7000 iGPU?

Just wondering if someone with 7000-series Ryzen has used or is using iGPU and does not have issues with video playback?

Everything else works, but not videoplayback. Can even play some games with iGPU type of performance. 

Problem can be solved with browsers by disabling hardware acceleration, but this does not work elsewhere, not even if I try to disable it through Windows registry.

If I install 5700XT, no problems.

Win10 + all updates + latest drivers brand new, high quality, stability tested components. I get good Cinebench, CPU-Z and 3DMark CPU scores despite slow memory kit.

Not all videos crash, but for instance Disney+ is impossible to watch with Windows application. With browsers it can be done by disabling hardware acceleration. EDIT: Netflix Windows app does not seem to crash, but there are image artefacts.

Have tried reinstalling drivers, slowering memory and other settings, disabling resizable bar from BIOS, using DP cable, using HDMI cable. Radeon software does not have global "disable hardware video acceleration" switch, nor does Windows, which, according to some sites, is supposed to mean my hardware doesn't support it... Still disabling it from where you can, fixes the problem with that software.

Also Radeon software allows me to enable 10 bit colors... Which this monitor does not support. With 5700XT if I tried, it would automatically revert back to 8 bit. Now I changed it manually to 8 just in case that is the issue, but no.

Tried with drivers only installation and full installation.

So: If you have Ryzen 7000 and use iGPU. Can you run a variety of videos with apps and browsers without disabling hardware acceleration or using Windows default graphics driver?

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When I set IGFX as primary device and increased RAM dedicated to IGFX, at the following boot fTPM was wiped clean. 

Adept I

Hey, I'm also facing artifacts on de the videos when decoding with ryzen 7000 igpu. So far i experienced on every browser and media player i tested so I'll say it's driver related. Why is AMD so silent about it?