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Journeyman III

Does Battlefield 2 work with your Freesync ?

Hi, trying to get BF2 working with Freesync. All my other games work perfectly with Freesync apart from BF2. 

I'v tried ...

> Running DirectX installer for game: no change.
> Removing ReShade: no change.
> Used pristine installation *verified* by steam: no change.
> Ran DirectX installer that comes with game on pristine version (see above): no change.
> Project Reality shows same behaviour.
> Compatibility mode settings: no change.
> Tried running without MSI Afterburner loaded: no change.

So does anyone else have a Freesync monitor ? Does BF2 work for you ? I need to verify if this is a problem with BF2 (I think it is) and exclude the possibility that its something unique to my machine.


AMD R9 380, Windows 10, Asus Z97P MB