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Adept II

Re: Do you like the new interface of Adrenalin 2020 Edition?

I will say, amd link belongs in the streaming tab and it's stupid to have a devices tab to set it up under settings. It's powered by the streaming/relive backend and it's streaming to a pc. That doesn't make sense.

The huge blocky text and (gray) whitespace of the new interface is really only good for full-screen management only. What if you want to tweak things in a window? the sidebar is too small and the blockiness means I still have to scroll on performance tuning with a 1440p screen. I agree things should be more compact and fit for sure. It looks too feng shui for tweaker practicality.

I wish the metrics page actually tracked all useful states like BOTH core temp readings and ram temp. I'm not there for my cpu usage or system ram consumption.

The gui shouldn't hide options you can't use, they should show up and be gray with a hover pop explanation.

The installer has no real custom option and clean install shouldn't be buried in a drop down menu.

On that note, the new GUI is leaps and bounds ahead of the old one. They did a great job improving even if it still has room to grow.

Adept III

Re: Do you like the new interface of Adrenalin 2020 Edition?

I feel it is overly busy and feels that there are many 'dumbed down' aspects. It would be nice to choose between an 'easy' or 'advanced' interface like my ASUS UEFI as an example - I think this version is trying to accommodate both.  Three things I am not at all fond of:

1. The pre-configured setting option buttons, for me these add a confusing complexity and fail to achieve the intended easy choices. For me I would always end up with the Custom setting as I like to choose my own feature mix which does not correspond to any of the pre-configured options. 

2. No option for a custom install for a user who knows what they want to install/leave out (or did I miss this?)

3. The upgrade adviser (i always hated this) is default 'on'. I am sick of having to switch this off every time I upgrade. 


Re: Do you like the new interface of Adrenalin 2020 Edition?

Consider the game menu with BF1 please, screenshot taken at 1080p resolution. 
First things to point out.
It is really messy and is information overload.
It does not even fit in a 1080p screen.
- The top line is Game Stats which I have no interest in normally and I want to be able to switch it off.
- Recent Media - again, please give the option to be able to switch that off.
- Performance Report - Again, since there is no way for the user to decide when and where in the game to start that performance reporting and it may well include FPS whist the user launches the game, adjusts graphics options, walks off to get a coffee etc etc I do not trust the numbers at all.
You did a much better job with the Game Advisor in Adrenalin 2019 19.12.1. I actually used it.
Looking at the Game Profile Settings information - which is actually what I am interested looking at - you have used two buttons to do the same job that one button in the previous Adrenalin 2019 19.12.1 GUI did.
If you had used a single button as before in the Adrenalin 2019 GUI, you could have put the Advanced options to the RHS of it and then I would not have to unhide them and scroll down the screen just to check values and use them.


Now for the next point.
Global Graphics Button.
It is the case that if I am looking at Game Graphics that I would want to check the values of Global Graphics Options - If for example Global FRTC still existed.

But look where it takes me when I click on the Global Graphics button.


OK so I check the values and then I have to click on the Advanced Tab again and scroll down just to see the values.

Next - How do I get back to the Gaming BattleField 1 menu?

There is no easy way.
There is no "Back to previous window".
I have to click the Game Graphics Button to get to here:

Then find the game Icon again (that may well include scrolling down to find it) and click on it. 

Then I get back to this:

Only to find that the Advanced Tab menu has been minimised on me, and I have to reopen it again.

This is much more difficult than it is to visually compare Global versus Profile Game settings in Adrenalin 2019 19.12.1 GUI.

Much less information overload in the Adrenalin 2019 19.12.1 GUI.

If you had really designed this GUI to be an ergonomic improvement then clicking on the Global Graphics button would simply show those settings from within the Gaming -> Battlefiield 1 Window.

In other words, in the picture above: 
"Graphics"  would change to the "Global Graphics" buttons and you should be able to quickly toggle between the two and visually compare them without leaving the
Gaming -> Battlefiield 1 Window.That would be a vast improvement in ergonomic design and ease of use of the GUI.

Same argument for the "Global Display" button.

A back to previous and forward to next navigation button on all GUI windows would be very useful.


Re: Do you like the new interface of Adrenalin 2020 Edition?

In Adrenalin 2019 19.12.1 I am able to type the exact FPS value I want into the Chill slider rather than having to use the slider which can be difficult to use to get an exact value set.

In this:

There is no option to type in the Chill_Min or Chill_Max values.

Adept II

Re: Do you like the new interface of Adrenalin 2020 Edition?

Why does the software keeps thinking google chrome, windows 10, and various other non-gaming software as 'games'?


Re: Do you like the new interface of Adrenalin 2020 Edition?

Maybe something to do with "Cloud based Gaming" like Google Stadia?

Adept III

Re: Do you like the new interface of Adrenalin 2020 Edition?

Totally hate the new design is just too full of crapware...

Also I now get a lot more stuttering in games where I already have low CPU processing power specially like Post Scriptum...

Before I just installed the AMD drivers and the AMD control panel and would skip installing all the other crapware, now latest AMD driver installs everything which consumes more ram and more CPU than ever, also I have disabled everything I could and even deleted all the shortcut button configs, but no matter what when I open Post Scriptum it still shows up AMD software above it saying to press ALT+R to open the menu when I have the AMD overlay disabled and this all crap is making a lot more stuttering than ever before.

Can't you go back to the way we used to install AMD Radeon drivers where I would chose custom install and not install the extra features like the streaming crap which I don't care and don't use for example or AMD Link I never installed it either and also in the other drivers disabling the AMD overlay for in-game it totally disabled the function and would never get injected into the game like it does now and eats more CPU power which mine is already old and this is crippling my CPU even more which is stupid...

Also the OC feature per-game profile isnt working on my RX580 Strix like before, I go to Post Scriptum profile put the memory to 2050 and clocks to 1380mhz but no matter what it keeps using default 2000 on the memory (8000 effective) and 1360mhz on the GPU clock, also the game page on AMD drivers is keep feeling with crap that I open, even things from windows and some games are getting repeated like 2 or 3 times and even unreal engine from opening Post Scriptum got in the Profile and even the crap easy anti cheat from it like if it was a game and this never happened before and I even have game advisor OFF, AMD in-game overlay menu off like I said...

Adept I

Re: Do you like the new interface of Adrenalin 2020 Edition?

Nope. It's too overloaded and confusing. Besides, custom fan profiles and zero rpm is still bugged as hell. Previous gui was ok, don't know why Amd changes something that works fine.

Adept I

Re: Do you like the new interface of Adrenalin 2020 Edition?

Can't really give you an accurate answer.  I need it to work first:

Application randomly freezes

Link not working

Eyefinity setup option disappears, have to use eyefinitypro

No Bezel correction

No Custom resolutions

Custom display setting creation not working.


Re: Do you like the new interface of Adrenalin 2020 Edition?

Would have been better to focus on fixing existing features like Chill  before adding Boost which is constantly crashing anyhow.

Adding user control of Chill performance parameters and behaviour so it is possible to  actually use Chill to save power without suffering massive FPS performance hit would have been better

Adding ability to set a single Chill hotkey (other than Function keys) would be very good ergonomic improvement.
Ability  to set Chill behavior versus mouse movement input and mouse buttons pressed would have been good.

RX5700/XT have improved Performance/power level - thanks to new 7nm process they catch up to Nvidia competition in that regard, however they still lag behind Nvidia and Nvidia are still on older process. 

Chill is still needed. 

And Global FRTC is needed for Chill, for power reduction if you don't like Chill or if it doesn't work, for DX11 Crossfire power limit if you don't like Chill or if it doesn't work, and to set a frame rate target to prevent screen tearing with FreeSync.