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Journeyman III

Do laptops with AMD processors face heating problems?

I want to purchase laptop with AMD processor but some friends said: "AMD has a really bad heating problem." One of my friend even said that: " If you want cook egg while gaming, sure AMD is your choice." I planning on getting an AMD Fx8320 with M5A97 R2.0.

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Re: Do laptops with AMD processors face heating problems?

Those aren't laptop parts.


Re: Do laptops with AMD processors face heating problems?

Unless you do something to alter the specs of the laptop (Hardware or Software wise), it should run fine without overheating.  Laptops are engineered to run with the hardware that is built into it. The Manufacturer takes into account the power and heat generated by the CPU, GPU and other components of the laptop when it is manufactured.

If what your friend says is true, then why are there so many laptops with AMD hardware installed using AMD CPU/APU and GPUs. If Manufacturers are producing laptops with AMD hardware, it means there is a demand for AMD Laptops.

Laptop Manufacturers are not going to produce a product that overheats. It may run hot but well within it engineered Temperature range.


Re: Do laptops with AMD processors face heating problems?

While I agree with what elstaci said I would add that the saying "you get what you pay for" is never more true than with laptops. If you buy a low end laptop and expect it to perform like a gaming desktop you are going to be very disappointed. Only the very expensive gaming laptops are good for gaming and even how long that is the case depends on how long the manufacturer keeps up with driver updates. When it comes to laptops they almost all have custom power and or cooling systems that don't follow reference designs. This means they require drivers that need tweaks that are done by the company that makes the laptop and NOT AMD. This is what often gives the APU/GPU maker a bad name when it comes to laptops. People are mad they can't just go and load the vanilla driver from AMD. They can and it may work but if it does not have the optimizations the MANUFACTURER did to their driver that shipped with the laptop you may run into big problems fast. I personally recommend you get a separate gaming desktop and a laptop for portability. Unless you want to shell out the big bucks for a REAL gaming laptop. Just remember that with laptops there really is no guarantee that any driver other than the one that shipped with it or that the manufacturer released for that specific laptop will work properly with it. Unfortunately these days your are lucky if you a get a year of those updates.