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Journeyman III

Do i have to use Ryzen power plan?

I just bought a Ryzen 3700X the other day and running it with the stock cooler. Updated the chipset drivers and got the Ryzen power plan. Tried both High performance and Balanced.


The thing is that with either of them and their default minimum processor state at 99%, my temps are around 50 degrees celsius on idle and upwards 60-65 degrees while doing normal tasks on the computer. The stock cooler is also unbearably noisy.


However if i change to Windows balanced power plan, with minimum processor state set by default to 5%, my temps are considerably lower at around 40 degrees while idle and only around 45 degrees during normal load. That's a massive 15 degrees lower compared to Ryzens power plan. The stock cooler is also nice and quiet.


So will it damage my CPU in some way if i run Windows balanced plan at 5% minimum processor state instead of Ryzens power plan at 99%?

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Adept I

Re: Do i have to use Ryzen power plan?

no, it won't damage you in any way.


i don't even think that using a plan that fixes your cpu at min 99% is useful at all. actually the whole point of modern cpus is throtteling power consumption depending on workload