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Adept I

Distorted Colours In Games On My Laptop


I have a problem with my newly purchased laptop. After performing the update of Windows 10 to version 1803, I have distorted colors while playing.

I checked if new drivers are available and if the laptop itself is not damaged but it is obvious fault of the drivers themselves from the RX560X card.

Because after switching to the card from the processor, the symptom does not occur.

I checked the store where I bought another piece of the laptop and the symptoms are identical.

Please help

My config:

Laptop Model: Nitro 5 AN515-42

Bios: V1.05

CPU:Mobile QuadCore AMD Ryzen 5 2500U vith Radeon Vega MobileGFX

GPU:AMD Radeon Vega 8 (Raven Ridge Mobile)

GPU:AMD Radeon RX 560X (Polaris 11)

Driver: Crimson Relive 17.40.3601

Display: LG Philips LP156WF6-SPK6 [15.6" LCD] (build-in)

Memory: 4096 MB

OS: Windows 10 Home 64 bit build 17134

The games that I launched were together with the latest patches installed, because Battlefield 1 and Fifa 2018 I have from the Orgin client and The Witcher is in the latest version 1.31



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I have a solution to the problem.

After contacting the Acer support, a new version 1.08 bios appeared on the web site. 

In addition, I got access to the revised driver.
It can be downloaded from google drive

After applying a new bios and driver to which I gave the link, the problem ceased to exist.


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Try this: Head down to the taskbar and right click the battery icon and go to Power Options, click on Choose what closing the lid does and then click on Change settings that are currently unavailable (in blue letters). Uncheck Turn on fast startup (recommended) and click Save Changes. Reboot the laptop and check your performance again. That should help with the CPU boost part (at least when you're plugged in).

As for the fps, make sure you're running the games off the RX 560X. Easiest way to do so is to launch a game then alt tab out and go to the Radeon Settings>System>Switchable Graphics and under Current Applications find your game, click on it and choose High Performance. Exit and re-enter the game and it should be now running off the RX 560X.


heat? using it on a blanket?
defect machine?
bad thermal paste?

PC: R7 2700X @PBO + RX 580 4G (1500MHz/2000MHz CL16) + 32G DDR4-3200CL14 + 144hz 1ms FS P + 75hz 1ms FS
Laptop: R5 2500U @30W + RX 560X (1400MHz/1500MHz) + 16G DDR4-2400CL16 + 120Hz 3ms FS

its the drivers that are defective..even pghotoshop saying pls update your graphic card drivers...and an error like screen occurs


They aren't though, because I have posted how to fix it right here:


Hi santosh_khaleja​, the drivers aren't defective, merely outdated. Here are the latest drivers currently available from the Microsoft Update Catalog:

1. Vega 8 Vega 8 Drivers - Imgur

2. RX 560X RX 560X Drivers - Imgur

I downloaded and installed the latest versions for the RX 560X (4.16.18 - 23.20.845.0) and the system functions. Games run well enough once configured to run off the RX 560X but like you, I feel like they can run better with a driver update.

1. Vega 8 Vega 8 Properties - Imgur

2. RX 560X RX 560X Properties - Imgur

I did try to contact both Acer and AMD for updated drivers and AMD was kind enough to respond as follows:

Your service request : SR #{ticketno:[8200827007]} has been reviewed and updated.

Response and Service Request History:

  Thank you for your email.

  I understand that you are experiencing the issue regarding the driver download in your computer equipped with AMD Radeon Vega Mobile and AMD Radeon RX 560X graphics card.

  I would like to inform that you should download drivers to your APU with integrated graphic card only from the laptop manufacturer.

  Thanks for contacting AMD.

  In order to update this service request, please respond, leaving the service request reference intact.

Best regards,


AMD Global Customer Care

Their advice is to stick with Acer's drivers for now.

Adept I

Now. Acer update new VGA driver version 17.40.6001.2601 on website.


This driver is a joke its old drivers and i lost AMD RADEON SETTINGS so i cant change anything. What is wrong with acer;/ i'm very disapointed. I will give a try to those drivers on google drive that trax linked.

Adept I

So interestingly new issue. I had to use DDU twice and disable wifi/internet to get the drivers uninstalled and to stay uninstalled. then performed the installation of the latest adrenaline drivers. Now connecting to wifi gave me a bad day because Windows 10 thinks its smarter than me and should just stop trying to be smart, downgraded my drivers. So then I used device manager force select a driver to use in C:\AMD upgrading the VEGA 8 to the appropriate version of driver. This also upgraded my RX560X, but now it shows up as an RX460 PRO instead of the RX560X. AMD should seriously look into this and fix it unless its actually correct and just a terrible rebranding of the PRO with no real changes.




new driver for ogos release....





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I've gotten 642CB thanks

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Adept I

I installed the latest bios followed by the VGA drivers from the following link and this seems to have corrected the video switching issue for me.  I did not install the catalyst control center bundled with the driver.

Product support

i realized the link didn't go directly to the product download page.

In a command window (cmd) type wmic bios get serialnumber

Click the link find another model on the linked page

Enter that value from the command

Journeyman III

disable the full screen optimizations in the properties this worked for me thank u