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Journeyman III

DisplayPort Pixel Format Option

Describe your system:

  • AMD Graphics Card
    • MSI R9 390X
  • Operating System
    • Windows 10 64bit
  • Driver version installed
    • Radeon Software 20.1.2
  • Display Devices
    • LG OLED B8 via Monoprice Active Displayport 1.2a to HDMI 2.0 adapter

Hello! I am trying to get 4k60Hz 10 bit color from my setup - I know that DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 2.0 do not have the bandwith for full RGB 4:4:4 10 bit color at 4K60Hz, however it should have the bandwidth at YCbCr 4:2:2 and 4:2:0. When I plug my computer into the TV via HDMI I have the option of pixel format show up under the "Display" tab in the Radeon Software menu, however with DisplayPort I do not have that option - is there a way to get the Pixel format option when using DisplayPort? From past forum posts it seems the option use to be there. Is this a bug in the driver?

Thanks in advanced for your help!

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