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Journeyman III

Display Scaling on Windows 10 won't work on non-widescreen resolutions

I installed Windows 10 on my previously Windows 8.1 laptop yesterday, and so far I'm loving it! Until I try to run games and/or programs that run at non-widescreen resolutions (640x480, 800x600, 1024x768)...

Here's the problem: Catalyst Control Center defaults to pillarbox mode for display scaling for non-widescreen resolutions. But I don't like pillarbox mode; I want the whole screen filled. So I go into the Control Center settings and change it from pillarbox to fullscreen. Then I switch the desktop resolution from 1366x768 (the default and highest on my laptop) to 800x600, and it works like I want it to.

However, when I try to run ANY program (it doesn't have to be a game) in a non-widescreen resolution, it automatically goes back to pillarbox mode! I quit the program and go back to Catalyst Control Center and check the settings, but they're the way I set them. I go back to the program, pillarbox mode again! Then I try minimizing the program (still at the non-widescreen resolution) and go into Catalyst Control Center and change it from pillarbox to fullscreen there, but even that doesn't work! It looks like it will, but when I quit the program and change the desktop resolution back to 1366x768 and start the program again, it STILL goes back to pillarbox mode! Even when I leave it at the non-widescreen resolution after changing it from pillarbox to fullscreen and quitting the program, it still goes back to pillarbox mode when I start the program again! It's not just one program either, I've tried several...

One more thing: I upgraded my desktop computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10 yesterday as well. That computer uses a NVIDIA card and the NVIDIA Control Panel, and never had any trouble with display scaling! I even ran a program on it just now for a test. No trouble.

So this is AMD's fault. Can any of you people help me out with my problem and try to fix it? Because I wanna be able to enjoy Windows 10 on my laptop and NOT be frustrated by the video driver refusing to cooperate with my preferences!

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Journeyman III

Re: Display Scaling on Windows 10 won't work on non-widescreen resolutions

That's it. I've had it. There's been numerous updates to AMD Radeon ever since I posted this thread, but even after all that, the f***n video driver won't stop switching back to pillarbox mode even when I strictly tell it to stay in fullscreen mode!

And since no one here's bothered to help me out with this, I'm just gonna boycott AMD until they finally get off their lazy a***s and fix this!


I will say this if it'll help: For a while I downgraded my laptop back to Windows 8.1, and when I did, Radeon didn't have any trouble with Display Scaling at all, even with the latest drivers. So the pillarbox problem IS linked to Windows 10 after all.

I would stay with Windows 8.1, but can't since an upcoming game I really wanna play requires Windows 10 to operate. Sorry for my foul language, but I'm really tired of this issue and just want you guys to fix it...