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Journeyman III

Display is too dark after upgrading Radeon driver to Adrenalin version 20.9.1


I have a 2013 Toshiba Satellite laptop with an A4-5000 CPU and Radeon HD 8330 graphics chip and old external Acer monitor. Until recently, I was using the 2015 drivers and everything seemed fine but when I tried to play League of Legends, it crashed and they recommened upgrading the driver. I tried version 21.5.1 but that messed up the colours in other games so I downgraded to version 20.9.1.

That mostly works but everything is darker than it should be on the external monitor and significantly darker than it was with the 2015 driver.  Even after increasing the brightness of the external monitor as much as I can, it's still darker than it was before. I've tried looking for settings to change in the Radeon software to fix this and I did find a brightness control under the Advanced Settings but that doesn't seem to have any effect.

Does anyone know if there's a way to fix this?



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Hi Kingfish,

Thanks for the quick reply but I forgot to mention that I had already seen that FAQ and it says for versions of Windows > 1909 (I'm running 2004) that the display should be adjusted using the external monitor, which I tried. I also tried looking for a display adjustment in both Windows and the Radeon Software but am not finding anything that works.

This control in the Radeon SW looks like it should work but moving the slider has no effect:


Any other ideas?