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Journeyman III

display gamma correction resetting

I've been using a system with a Radeon Pro WX 3100 for several months and the entire time I've had it, the gamma correction often but sporadically gets reset after resuming from screensaver or sleep or on reboot. I cannot figure out why. I have tried every enterprise and every adrenalin driver update since I got the system in august. I use AutoCAD to work from home and the card should be certified but it always says "the card and driver does not meet the minimum requirements" so I can't access certain graphical features in the program. sometimes both my displays (Dell SE2719H) go solid green for a second no matter what driver is installed. I specifically chose a professional graphics solution for its stability and reliability

is it a Windows 10 problem?  is it an Autodesk problem? is it an AMD hardware problem? is it an AMD software problem? is it a display problem? I can't believe it's a display cable problem. I post on the Autodesk forums, no one has any help to offer. I post on the Windows Central forums, no one replies. I post on the ASRock motherboard forum, no one says anything.. I really hate to b***h on forums but this has driven me up a wall !@#$%^&*