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Journeyman III

display drivers not loading after using system restore point

Hello, I had such a problem, after booting the computer from the restore point, the drivers for the RX 570 video card disappeared and the Amd Radeon Software program does not start, everything worked fine before that, the driver version is not displayed in the MSI Afterburner program, driver version is installed in the device manager 30.0.13023.4001, due to the lack of a driver, the Epic Games Launcher program does not start, what do you advise me to do?

                         Addendum to the answer

Are you sure that you should first remove all the drivers with  DDU, and then just download the radeon software from the AMD website, there will be no problems with installing new drivers and something worse will not happen, maybe just install a new version of the driver? It's just that I'm very worried, since I'm new to this and understand little. And is it desirable to turn off the Internet before deleting via DDU. Also I don't have the CNversion parameter in the AMD/CN registry

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Big Boss

Can you undo the restore point?

If you can't, install drivers and software again but use DDU to clean things before.

The Englishman

Hello Sir, thanks for your advice you gave me in this discussion, if you have experience using this program, could you tell me what I may encounter when using it, I read that you must turn off the Internet before starting the program, and that after uninstalling, there may be a black screen. Also wanted to ask if it's better to just install a different version of the driver in a normal install? Thank you very much for your attention and help.


First download the correct AMD driver and save it. Then you should enter 'safe mode' (google it) and run DDU to delete all vestiges of AND drivers. Reboot your computer. Install the AMD drivers you have already downloaded. Reboot.

Note: Before doing any of this you should prevent Windows Update from installing updates that could change the driver you just installed. You can pause updates




Afterburner interferes  with the AMD settings and controls in some situations. Best to delete it. Clean install the AMD drivers using DDU in safe mode.