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Journeyman III

Display Driver messing with civilization 5 (black screen)

Got home and AMD prompts me to update (first time this has happned), I click yes becase I am having trouble with "amd driver not responding and has recovered" (on other games, not the issue at hand). It pushed the update and my 1920x1080 monitor gets about 2 cm of black space around the edge. I am really confused (settings still = 1920x1080) so I get it updated again. Screen is Fixed. I launch Civ 5 and after intro, the menu is black. Luckily, this is a common problem for many reasons and I make it start on windowed mode through editing the files. For most issues, however, this seems to fix the problem. Whenever I change settings to fullscreen, the game becomes black again. Possible but extremely unlikely this is not to do with display driver and just co-incidence. Have tried rolling back my display driver, the black edges issue arises again, no futher roll backs.

(Graphics card: Radeon R9 200 Series)  (Driver is crimson 16.something)

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Display Driver messing with civilization 5 (black screen)

What driver were you using previously?

Can you try pressing Alt+Enter to switch between the fullscreen/window modes while playing the game?

Please provide more information.


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