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Journeyman III

Display Driver Has Stopped Responding DX9 Game - PowerColor R7 350 - 18.8.2

have some issues with my graphic card when running Directx9 game , its kind 15 mins i played then boom screen goes black for 5 seconds and its says " display driver AMD stopped responding and has recoverded " and then I have to close my game in Task Manager. I already tried to uninstall my driver and install it back, and try older driver still no luck. Please Help !! AMD

and here the list Dx9 game Crash on my PC

- Halo : Combat Evolved
- Rules Of Survival
- Metro 2033 Redux *dx11 mode still crash
- Metro Last Light Redux *dx11 mode still crash
- Hyper Universe

- Dota 2 ** i already tried use Vulkan Api & OpenGL Render the game still crash**

My PC Specification :

CPU : AMD A10 5745 @2.1Ghz Turbo @2.9Ghz

MB : Biostar A68N-5745 Ver 6.x

RAM : 8 GB DDR3 1333 Hynix

HDD : SSD 128GB & 2x500GB WD Blue

VGA  : PowerColor R7 350 2GB GDDR5 (Driver AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.8.2)

PSU : Seasonic 500W 80+ Bronze

Windows 7 SP1 x64

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Re: Cant Play DX9 Game, Need Help !

Try installing the latest AMD Driver for the R7 350 (18.9.2) Radeon™ Software Adrenalin Edition 18.9.2 Release Notes | AMD

Your APU A10 5745 with HD 8610g is considered to be legacy and non-supported by AMD any more. But here are the last AMD APU Drivers from AMD Support: A10-5745M with Radeon™ HD 8610G Drivers & Support | AMD .

Your Biostar Motherboard has a Mobile (laptop) APU installed. Here are the specs on the your APU:

There might be a conflict since you have a Legacy Non-Supported APU with integrated Graphics and a Supported GPU Card but this occurs in Laptops in which case you have a Desktop which may not apply.  Make sure the Supported GPU Card is Primary in Graphics in BIOS.

Journeyman III

Re: Cant Play DX9 Game, Need Help !

the vga onboard already disable . my friend have the same graphic card just like me and he use FX-4100 @3.6Ghz... its still cant play dx9 game, except ( game were using Unreal Engine run well...) and CS;GO , Left 4 Dead. if I upgrade my computer and replace my graphics card to the RX 400 Series, will I be able to run the dx9 game? of course I won't use APU based cpu anymore. because as you said that there may be conflicts between legacy Non-Supported APUs with integrated Graphics and a Supported GPU Card