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Journeyman III

Display driver amdkmdag stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

I'm using a Legion 5 2020, Ryzen 5 4600H laptop with Nvidia 1650 graphics card(Windows 10). The screen is getting blacked out for a few seconds and then the opened application crashes. Tried to clean install the display drivers using the DDU method as well. Also tried to reinstall the Windows but nothing worked. Drivers are updated as well.

Event ID: 4101

I have attached a screenshot of the issue from my event viewer.

Link of screenshot: 

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Journeyman III



I have a AMD r9 380 and was receiving this error in 2016 and have had it ever since. If you look around, it is a common problem affecting lots of card.

The solution is to return your AMD product back to retailer and buy either intel cpu(with on board graphics) or nvidia gpu.

This is the only way to avoid AMD driver issues(of which there are many).


AMD have been notified and never commented on it.


As you can see by the lack of response to your message, AMD don't care.

They would rather spend money marketing their products heavily than spend some of it fixing their buggy drivers.


Adept I

Maybe someone a bit more knowledgeable can correct me on this, but I see your CPU is an APU and it sounds like you are running off AMD graphics, hence the driver error. I don't think you should be getting AMD video driver error issues on an Nvidia card, but I've never used an APU myself, so I'm not totally sure. Have you tried swapping video source in your BIOS?