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Display distortion during recent driver installs (pics included)

Relevant specs: 5800X, 32GB, B550, 5700XT, Samsung Odyssey G7 240Hz display

I have been trying most new drivers in recent months but have always gone back to the recommended and stable 22.5.1 because of gray screens happening with all newer drivers. Recent drivers have been doing what you see in the pictures during installation. It flickers all over the place really distorted like that really fast and happens several times. It happens long enough to take pictures obviously. 22.5.1 does not do this and probably some drivers after that, but at some version I started noticing this. I don't have this issue after installation (only gray screens), only during driver install. Just wanted to report it so it can be looked at. These pictures were taken during the 22.11.1 install. I had my camera ready because I knew it was probably going to happen.


[ 5800X3D | Aorus 6950XT | MSI B550 | H115i Pro | G.SKILL 32GB 3600Mhz | 850W Gold | Samsung Odyssey G7 240Hz | HP Reverb G2 (v2) ]
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Journeyman III

Happen the same in my case whit 6600XT, im glad im not the only one whit this problem.. AMD have to fix this...IMG_20221118_222409.jpg