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Adept II

Display Corruption, light flicker and then no image or Crash/restart



since two days im getting corruptions and freezes on my display while watching videos, but not while playing games.

All startet after i updated my drivers.

My system is only a month old:


I did NOT overclock or change anything .

PSU CoolerMAster V850 Gold V2

Cpu Cooler Corsair H100i RGB Pro XT


Like i said in the top, it does not happen while gaming.

I have no Perfromance issues while gaming, and i dont have any Heat problems.

I tried an clean install for the driver, Windows updates, changed the energy saver to high performance.

I dont know how to show u the HWINFO.log since i cant upload it here.


I hope some of u have had the same issue and can help me out.

IF you need more informations just reply or send me a message.




PS: My driver version atm 21.4.1

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Adept II

i have exact same problem! 

Adept II

i have same problem

Adept III

monitor? maybe firmware update, just take roll back the original one the problem~ hope you can find the solution
Adept II

what monitor u have Tugrul92? I have LG 27GN950


i have an asus, i have to uprage my monitor, but thats not the problem, because i had no problems before the driver update.

my PC crashed today and i couldnt start it at all. i had to reinstall windows. its definetly a driver problem

After fresh install of Windows 10, i had the same issue.

while gaming everything is sooper smooth and using other programms too.


but all the time im going to watch a video on youtube this is happening.


this time i got a message, translated from german sorry : Display driver couldnt be loaded.

and than i get those corruptions and the pc crashes





after the last crash, i did run windows in safe mode.

Used DDU

Restarted and run cmd in admin mode

Did type sfc /scannow

Close cmd and restart

I downloaded the driver from December, yes DECEMBER.

now i have no problem, if anything changes the next hours or days i will update my post.

nice man, fingers crossed, can you give me that link for december drivers ?

btw isnt amd cleanup utility as efficient as ddu?

AH men, im sorry.

it did last longer then the other one but still after 30 mins of youtube it did had corruptions

and crashed. i have now deleted the files and installed the new one. i wll not watch any videos

till this gets fixed. im done.

im trying to fix this since this morning, already 13 hours.

i still dont understand why i can play every game with no problems, but when i watch a video on youtube it does this...


i anyone has a solution post it..

i have tried everything


@Tugrul92 Since you did the DDU and your still having the issue I would first report it to AMD then I would do the DDU again and go back to a driver that was working you previously before this one.

There are a lot of people on YouTube having issues with this driver here's the link -



Trying to read all these posts...hasn't anyone suggested disabling hardware acceleration in the browser? This is why the option is there.



hey, i will try it.

no one has suggested it.

but why, has this something to do with the driver?



im litteraly **bleep**ting my self to watch that video,

i have done what @kingfish  said and disabled the option.

i will try it, and i hope i dont have to restart my pc 20 times to have any display.


thanks, i will update my post if anything changes.


PS: I did report this to AMD, but i dont know if i ever will get a answer ...



So.. i tried it.

after 10 sec it did happen again, this time it was only a driver crash

Driver Crash.PNG


@Tugrul92 Pause it and look through the comments thats what I did


i only see people thanking him etc. or saying fps is lower or stuttering ect.

nothing that has to do with this problem.

or do you mean the first comment saying  21.2.3 is working fine?


@Tugrul92 first comment Carlos 15 hours ago

unfortunately this driver and previous ( 21.3.2) AC odyssey keeps crashing to desktop in certain areas. 21.2.3 works fine =/
I updated to 21.4.1 but quickly reverted to the previous version. The new one feels sluggish and for me, generated pretty bad tearing in some games.
minimal install is good and also bad that we dont have games specific profile, still have problem with power delivery after woke up from a long sleep that cause screen flicker and gone black, but not much as 21.3.1 and 21.3.2 while these are none in 21.2.1.
Hi, I download 20.4.1 last night and did a clean install with DDU for the new Radeon Software and after the install, I rebooted as normal and I got a black screen and had to do a hard reboot. then I got an error report page to send to AMD I filled it in and I sent it off, then did another clean install of the new 21.4.1 Radeon Software and this time it looked like it was working great. today my Aorus Master X570 is giving me the error (d3) it normally (AA) 1st the when the screen opens it goes to (A0) and that has been the norm for me for a long time, my card is an RX5700XT and using a 1000watt power supply. had to go back to the 21.3.2 Radeon Software and it all back as it should be new drivers are giving problem.
Apex legends performance degraded with this new driver, I use RX vega 56. Major fps drops and stuttering
Should I continue to find more? Obvisily your not looking through the entire comments

It's not a driver's a Windows 'solution' that has been around since the dinosaurs. Windows enables 'Use hardware acceleration' by default. That might have been great years ago with pre XP and equivalent graphics cards, but todays processors and internal GPU are more than capable of handling these tasks. Most people will spend some effort adjusting/tinkering with their graphics card/chip and never look at the settings for the inbuilt graphics...imo.



Well, i did click on it, and deaktivated it.

But still same issue,

i bought my Rig from a seller wo does this like forever, because i have no time (work).

and they didint change anything about the speed of the grahphics or processor.

and i hadnt any problem since this update.

i just know that this one from xfx is already overclocked from their side.

my previous card was an r9 390, and i had never problems with it, just the same ones like that they run a little hotter :D.

i will look into it and post it here what it looks like.


yeah, if i find ony of these drivers then i will try ist again.




this is what it look like. i did not change anything


 i had to accept it to see this



well most of them have nothing to do with my problem.

because i have no performance issues while gaming. nothing, it runs all smooth.

only while watching videos



this one is new:


 it says like: Amd crash defender has found a problem with your displaydriver.

to prevent a crash or freeze, the displaydriver will be runned in safemode with reduced funktionality.

to aktivate it you need to restart ypur pc




problably my last Post.

i talked to the service from the place where i bought it.

they said thats 100% a harware problem.

i will now put it in a box and send it to them.

they will give me a new one.


i will upadate if i have more information.

sorry to those who have the same problem, i will get mine probably in two days

now i can confirm,

i have put my old gpu ( r9 390) with same driver version and it has no problem, video is running 40 mins already.

sad bc i like the rx 6800xt, now i have to wait 2 days for a new one



i doubt it, but let us know


I have the exact same problems with youtube, or using OBS or anything with video really, mostly when i have 3 monitors connected, but sometimes even with two, got my card RMA'ed, got a new one, and same problems 5500 XT OC 8GB, heres my thread


well, i have no problems at all, i cant play, watch videos and do what i want.

i send my card to the shop. and i will get a new one.


im using the same driver



You did change something.  The GPU frequency slider is at 2449Mhz.  Your GPU is overclocked.

You didn't give it any extra power (the power limit slider on the right is set to 0.)

Increase the power limit or turn your overclock off or it's just going to continue to be unstable.




i did not touch anything. ive never overclocked a graphics card that i bought. its always more stable that way than overclocked.

the slider you saw was already like that.

maybe its xfx overclocked but not from me.

My 6800 xt is back to the shop where i bought it.

they will look into, but i will get a new anyways.


im using my old r9 390, that i didnt overcloked since my buy (2015) and its running like the first day.

just changed the fans and paste a year ago, bc the fan was not working anymore.


if that was the reason ( the slider) than its not my fault.


That is not possible.  SOMEONE overclocked this GPU.  You can't even get to that screen by default.You literally have to click  an "ACCEPT" button on a warning that says "hey this panel is overclocking, if you pass this point you may make your system unstable."

Even once you get past that point, this is the default layout.  Notice how everything is set to Automatic/Default.  On yours the Manual button is highlighted.

Look at this image to see where in yours, the GPU Tuning slider is enabled.  This one:

And even after that is enabled there are still 2 more that you have to click to get to the point that you are at. It's actually 4 total clicks just to get the menus opened.

Did a friend help you build your PC? If so he did this thinking he was being cheeky and didn't know, but again, this did NOT ship this way. Somebody did this manually, there's proof in your screenshots.


NO, the shop did send it to me.

i bought it like it was.


IF i change something than its my fault. but id DIDNT.

I know its normally like that. But still I DIDNT CHANGE ANYTHING...

I dont have to lie, it is how it is...


i mnot a mega noob, i know that there is a button to press on for accept overclock settings.


and like i said, i NEVER overclock my stuff NEVER


You are lying to our face. It's in your screenshot. I'm done here.


bye bye.

im not lying.

i dont have to justify myself.

if you think so than do it, dont waste my time


You need to turn the overclock off. You need to disable all that stuff. But I am telling you there is a 0% chance that the things you showed in your screenshot shipped that way.  Your estimate is that on your one computer (out of millions of people installing drivers) that your ONE device decided to randomly enable all the overclocking features.

That's just not how software works.  Code goes one line at a time. "Do this. Then do that. Then this is next." And if one of the lines fails somehow, it straight up crashes or throws an error, it doesn't just go down a huge tangent of "I'm gonna do whatever I feel like now." It doesn't have a way to just skip things or make random choices, it's LITERALLY impossible.  Computers are dumb as heck, they only do precisely what you tell them, nothing more, nothing less.  Again there is a literal safety disclaimer to even get to the screen you are on.  A terms of service agreement that you have to click the big 'ol ACCEPT button on.

You need to turn all that stuff off or your PC is just going to keep being unstable. You ARE overclocked. Period. End of sentence.  I asked if someone helped you build it.  Did you show it to a friend that thought he was doing you a favor and giving you free performance?   I don't care if you don't believe me. There is factual, physical evidence in the images you posted.  It's right in front of my face. You are asking me to deny reality itself.  Your PC is overclocked, and a human being did it.  If you say you didn't do it I believe you. But SOMEONE in your life did do it.


man, its overclocked.

but i did not do it....

i nknow its overclocked, because i bought it like that.

the shop that build the pc for me is responsible for that. i even have a paper where they say if somthing is wrong tell us.

because they build it and did all the stuff that has to be done.

it litterally run smooth for one month. until i installed the driver.

and still fater the driver my game run alle good. had no problem.

only watching videos.



but like i didnt know that they have overclocked the graphics card.

i only did know that its from xfx and that its already overclocked from them


That's not how a "factory overclocked" card works.  The factory overclock happens outside of these settings. A factory overclocks still shows all of the "Automatic/Default" settings.  The overclock is applied at the BIOS-level on factory overclocked cards, it's baked into the card itself and the driver control panel doesn't actually know about it.  If you really bought it from a shop and it came like this you need to complain to them.


I did, and im angry.

because i waited so long and payed much for it.

they know its because of them. thats why i will get a new one untouched



 im sorry if i sound like a dickhead,

but im really pissed atm bc of that.

Apologize if i offended you.

im here because i needed help.


No I was snappy too, you're good. I just get frustrated because there are so many people that ask for help, and then when someone gives them a suggestion they are like NO, THAT'S NOT IT.  I know a LOT about this stuff, I've been doing it for a really long time and I used to work for this website that uses state-of-the-art equipment to sell overclocked PCs.

We had specialized equipment that we attached to motherboards and GPUs to read voltages directly, that kind of thing.

I promise, that was the issue with your card. Somebody overclocked it (very poorly.)  Whoever it was shouldn't be overclocking things and selling them. It doesn't matter how long they've done it, clearly they don't know enough to be selling things that way. I hope you get everything worked out.

If you still have trouble feel free to message me.  I was a first-day buyer of the 5700XT, I know a thing or two about troubleshooting my way around AMD drivers, I'm really happy to help honestly.



thank you, i will.

i know some things, but not everything.

if something is than i will gladly message you.


yes it was really poorly made, the support on the phone already knew what was wrong.

it was not the first time that this happened to them.

there are like 15 people that builds and do stuff and one of them is overclocking graphics cards without asking.

i dont even know why they still keep him if this was not the first time...


Why are you here asking for help if you just going to ignore it when people tell you specifically what is wrong? I'm done trying to help you. Fix it yourself. Literally nobody is going to help you if you won't even listen to advice. Take it back to the freaking shop then if you have a paper saying take it to them. Why are you even here?

But the shop you bought it from did a bad job.  I'm telling you that to try and help you.  You need to get it fixed, and clearly that shop isn't trustworthy. They sold you a PC that isn't stable.  You should feel ripped off and angry,.