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Adept II

Display connection not working properly Radeon pro 22q4

Hello everyone!
After the repair, I added a 3rd screen to myself, during which I noticed this error in connecting, searching and displaying connected displays.


On - power button
Connected - by cable to the motherboard
Determined by - system, driver

In this version of the examples, all screens are connected to the video card.

1. The third LG screen is detected only after rebooting the OS.
2. The resolution of screens with enabled displays is different, depending on which displays are enabled during OS boot.

For example:
Before that, there were 2 identical DELL monitors with a resolution of 1920x1080
When the system is turned on with these displays enabled, the screen resolution remains the same.

But, when connecting 3 LG devices, the resolution changes, in accordance with the settings in this configuration (When working with 3 displays, the DELL settings were changed to 1600x900). And if you reboot the system again with 2 DELL displays turned on, then there will be settings of 1920x1080.

Bud, there are several settings for specific active equipment. Settings are not bound to the device?

3. If the system boot was started with two DELL displays, then the connected LG screen, when turned on after boot, is not displayed in the Radeon driver as a display device.
After turning on LG, the display is not recognized, only after rebooting with three displays turned on at the same time.

4. LG display turns on in a strange way, it looks like a multi-colored noise, switching periodically to a normal desktop. Many times within 1 minute.

5. Also, during the operation of 2 DELL screens, if you turn off one of them, the first one will go to the settings of 1920x1080

6. When 1 screen is working, but all 3 are connected, the driver detects only 2 Dell screens, while if you leave 1 of them on, then the mouse cursor and applications will open supposedly on the screen of the second monitor. It turns out that it is disabled, but the desktop environment on this screen works.

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