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Journeyman III

Display Adapter Cycling

-For some reason my graphics driver dies in a day or two every time I reboot it. I can get it working by updating to a DIFFERENT OPTION.. the list Device Manager gives me in UpdateDrive>BrowseComputer>ChooseFromAList has 2 "vega 8 graphics" choices (same version number!) 1 "vega 8 mobile graphics" (which is the newest and required to run the AMD software Lenovo update suggests..) and a Microsoft basic display adapter.  I can choose any of the 3 vega drivers options and get it working but not every time either but always seem to get it back online (some cycling may be required). No matter what every time they fail in a day or two. Works great when it works. Just performed a clean install to no avail. Some insight please! This is the strangest problem I've ever had. YouTube always works. Completely offline games always works. Online classes and video calling freeze for a couple of seconds every 30s and games still animate but don't interact for the same intervals... I've tried every automatic update (I think) and nothing has however-outdated the problem.    I did have a similar problem with sound drivers but rolling them back and hiding the update solved it (newer driver made everything scratchy and sound underwater). Also DriverMax had a far better driver that worked and stable (which it no longer shows after CleanInstall, lolz).  I'm losing sleep over this problem, someone please help me (I couldn't imagine someone couldn't?).
Brand new Lenovo 330s 15arr from amazon w/expired warranty :/   Totally love it (attached)
OK thanks guys.
Some game I play's tech support forum says they are significantly convinced that it is the INTERNET which is going way over my head.. why can I get it to work by cycling drivers then? I don't want to not believe anyone, I don't know what I'm doing enough, lol.
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