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Discord Issues - RX 6750 XT - Can't Stream Without Crashing

The Issue:
User had an Nvidia GTX 1080 card installed in the system and was able to stream into Discord just fine with H.264 Streaming Enabled in Discord settings. User buys an MSI Triple something AMD RX 6750 XT graphics card, removes the old Nvidia GTX 1080 from the system, installs the AMD RX 6750 XT graphics card into the system, installs drivers from the driver package available via AMD's website. The graphics card works fine, especially now with the latest update from AMD, but, whenever user attempts to stream via H.264 Hardware Acceleration into a discord voice channel, user begins streaming video into the voice channel and gains the marker LIVE next to his name, if another discord user attempts to view the stream the user then crashes out of discord, re-enters discord, and is no longer streaming. If the user removes the discord option to enable H.264 Hardware Acceleration from the discord settings, user is able to stream again, albeit with a much degraded quality compared to when he had the Nvidia card installed in the system and when he was able to use that card to enable H.264 Hardware Acceleration in the discord settings. User has already contacted discord support about the issue and gone through discord's troubleshooting process with discord representatives to no avail. User still has the issue. Discord Support representatives advised user to contact AMD. User isn't really tech savy or patient so I am reaching out for help in their place.

User Setup:

Any insights or help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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Use DDU and remove nvidia drivers/software.

Also do the same for AMD software, and then clean install new amd driver/software.

That's somewhere to start.


Ryzen 5 5600x, B550 aorus pro ac, Hyper 212 black, 2 x 16gb F4-3600c16dgtzn kit, Aorus gen4 1tb, Nitro+RX6900XT, RM850, Win.10 Pro..

Already did. My script grabs registry entries and that is how it grabs info about what is installed on the machine. I don't know why it shows registry entries for Nvidia software, there is no Nivida software installed. I guess there is just some registry entries there from Nvidia but, they aren't doing anything and there is no Nvidia software on the system.

The AMD drivers were installed cleanly and work just fine aside from minor growing pain issues from getting the latest AMD stuff, like always. Games work just fine, all games.

My only issue is with H.264 hardware acceleration on this card, in discord. Since we know there was an issue with the HVEC encoder in the previous release, and apparently still with several people in this latest release of their driver, my guess is there are also issues with the H.264 encoder that they are unaware of since no one is reporting it or something along those lines.


Can he try H.264 encoder specifically with something like OBS and/or Handbrake HW accelerated encoder? There technically can be chance for something being wrong at hardware level, even though unlikely as it would've caused errors globally



I will ask him to do that today. Sorry I've been out and been busying.

Adept II

Try 22.5.2 or 22.7.1.


Strange, i have 6750XT and 22.10.2, no issues whatsoever... except being unable to start screen recording from Adrenalin for some reason, it just stops reacting, but still works via other applications, or vram not properly starting back after going in power down mode on idle 

Used second account from phone to watch my stream from PC. 720p 30 FPS (i don't have Nitro), HW accel enabled, HW H.264 accel also enabled. No crashes, everything looks fine, i can even see text, even though bit blurry. 
Also found Nitro boosted server and tested there. Wouldn't say that 1080*60 feels as actual 60 fps (as well as 1080p, as it is blurrier, but better than somewhere like YT with low bitrate, i suppose), but it is good enough, especially taking in account almost no delay.
Windows 11 22H2, 5600X, AORUS 6750 XT. 

I guess i should suggest looking into software related side of things. 
P.S. Dang, i created dummy account just to test this issue.


@DimkaTsv I would have to make him do a reformat of his OS. Something we aren't going to do right now since everything else BUT, the h.264 support works.

I am going to make him try out OBS and the like to see if there really is an issue or if it's just some weird discord/Windows thing that needs to be corrected with a system reformat. I will update you later.