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Journeyman III

Disappointed with everything..

Hi, I just recently bought a laptop with AMD graphic devices and I'm utterly disappointed with everything.

After 3 hours I simply gave up and am planning to return this to buy a laptop with other graphic devices in it.

This laptop was strictly for work purposes, not gaming, still it surprisingly had managed to disappoint me.

When I got my laptop it was fine. Problems started when I updated my graphic drivers.

After updating them even when I was on the desktop with nothing on, it started to lag and stutter every 3~5 seconds. After a while it got frustrating and had to quit

everything just to stop myself from throwing the laptop away. Assuming that the graphic drivers were the problem, I uninstalled it completely. Then, I wasn't able to do my work which involved few graphic works. So I was on the search for older graphic drivers and had managed to find nothing but NVIDIA's support for older versions of graphic drivers for users like me. If it was uncommon I would've understand the absence of such feature but after some research I found that multiple users were having the same problem.

Unfortunately, NVIDIA graphic card users' problems were solved instantly when AMDs were simply answered with "try lowering your graphics settings" since AMD simply didn't support downloading older versions of their graphic drivers.

I'm very disappointed with AMD and am starting to understand why people deride AMD so much.

AMD gave me a valuable lesson that reputations exist for a reason.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Disappointed with everything..

I'm sorry that you seem to be having issues with your AMD product. Can you provide a little more information about your system? I'd like to help.


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Adept I

Re: Disappointed with everything..

Download Previous Drivers & Software     <--Sorry if that's very vague but it can probably be helpful for you

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