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Journeyman III

Disabling/Enabling Radeon Relive for SPECIFIC games in Adrenaline 2020

Hey there,

     I use an MSI Gaming X RX 570 and I'd like to squeeze a little more performance out of it. I currently have Radeon Relive enabled across the whole system (not including desktop recording) and I'd like to disable it for all games except for one. I only ever make clips in Valorant and aside from that I don't use Relive at all. 

     So I guess my question is whether or not I'm able to disable or enable Radeon Relive on a game by game basis. Similar to how you would change graphics settings by creating game profiles. This question has only been asked a couple of times and the general consensus is that it's not possible, but I figured that it can't hurt to ask again. If it really isn't possible, I hope AMD decides to add this into Adrenaline 2020. It seems like a pretty obvious setting to add in.

     In the event that this feature doesn't get added, does anyone know of a way to set up a hotkey to toggle it on and off? like pressing Alt+R+L or something of that nature. I suppose I could Alt+R into the software and toggle it manually but that just seems cumbersome. Any advice or help would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

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There is a 'Toggle Recording' Hotkey (CTRL+SHIFT+E) on/off while in game, no need to open the software or sidebar.

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