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Journeyman III

Disable "Monitor Off" Detection on Radeon VII Pro?

Hi, Windows 10/AMD drivers' detection of whether my monitor is on or off is causing problems for my workflow.  Among other things, the AMD Radeon Pro settings window won't re-open after turning all the monitors on my system on and off (need to restart the computer).

Google searches indicate that many, many users are irritated by this behavior (though it seems that developers at Microsoft, etc. don't care about users' experience) and that, for a time, editing a key in the Registry called DMMEnableDDCPolling could disable this obnoxious "feature" for AMD drivers.  Unfortunately, I can't find that key on my system (Win 10 Enterprise 17763, Radeon Pro drivers from 6/1/21...)

I have high-DPI monitors, so it seems like DisplayPort 1.2 EDID emulators aren't the answer (and they're pricey too at about $90/ea).  Are there any other solutions for this in Windows?  It's pretty frustrating that we get penalized for trying to save electricity by turning our monitors off (I can't sleep my system, need it running 24/7) with these bugs. 

If not, I think I and millions of other users would LOVE it if AMD would listen to us and let us disable monitor off detection.



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