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Journeyman III

Disable Game Mode for Certain Applications

Graphics card: RX 580 8 GB

Desktop running Windows 10

My issue is that I want to disable game mode for when I am using Google Chrome. I accidentally enabled it when I was using the Windows Game Bar, this causes my Radeon GPU to Use ReLive mode and record instant replays, this means when I am using Chrome it is constantly recording and using GPU power. I would like this to not happen as it will make my PC run quieter. The problem is that I can't open the Windows Game Bar anymore, I ran a Windows debloater application which gets rid of all the Microsoft pre-installed programs on Windows 10, so there is no way to turn it off within Windows Game Bar, when I press WIN+G nothing happens. I want instant replays to still be enabled for when I am playing games so simply turning it off is not an option.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Disable Game Mode for Certain Applications

The issue you are experiencing has nothing to do with AMD display drivers. This problem may probably be solved with Windows settings. Reset the AppX application you're having problems with Windows Apps settings. Try disabling Game Mod with Windows Gaming settings.