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Journeyman III

DirectX Applications "hung" after a few minutes of playing games. 6800 XT

Over the past few months, basically as long as I've had my graphics card, I have been receiving regular crashing in games that use DirectX. The common error seems to be that DirectX is "hung". I have troubleshooted for hours on end whenever it happens and it's really starting to anger me now. I've tried monitoring temps, clean installing amd drivers, changing a bunvh of bios settings, updating bios, undervolting, underclocking my ram and nothing seems to work. I'm scared of RMAing my card in the current shortage as most of my work heavily relies on my PC's power. If anyone who has fixed this problem in the past, PLEASE help me. If not, I will prevail and see if I can replace my card if I can receive it back relatively quick. 

Thank you fellow tech nerds.