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Did I need to remove the 5700G APU driver before installing the 7800xt video card?


Did I need to remove the 5700G APU driver before installing the 7800xt video card?

I did not remove the APU driver before installing the Sapphire Pure 7800xt video card and after that I encountered some problems. At first the PC stopped turning off completely. More precisely, the operating system was turned off, but all the display, all the fans and the power supply continued to work. I solved this problem by disabling the fast startup feature of Windows 11. But after that other problems arose. The most unpleasant of them is that when I start the WRC 9 game, the ability to change the language in any way in Windows disappears, and if I try to turn off or restart the PC after that, the shutdown will be endless until I turn off the PC by button.

Is it because I haven't uninstalled 5700G APU driver? Or does anyone know what could cause this issue? Is it Windows 11 issue maybe?...

My specs
5700g+7800XT, b550m aorus elite, 2x XPG s11 pro ssd, 32GB RAM, DQ750-M-V2L PSU.

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The same Adrenalin software package is compatible between the 5700G IGP and a 7800XT graphics card, so no it is not necessary to uninstall it first then reinstall it after adding the card.

In Windows Device Manager under Display Adapters is only the 7800XT listed or is the Radeon graphics of the IGP listed as well?

Ryzen R7 5700X | B550 Gaming X | 2x16GB G.Skill 3600 | Radeon RX 7900XT

The moment you installed your 7800XT in BIOS Settings it automatically made your GPU card its Main Display Adapter and your IGPU secondary display adapter unless you specifically set in BIOS to have your IGPU as your Main Display Adapter.

Also as mentioned by @FunkZ the IGPU and GPU card AMD driver are compatible with each other.

So your issue is with the RX7800XT and its AMD Driver and that is what you need to start troubleshooting.

Go to Device Manager and see if you see any type of errors in there. If so which errors are showing?

One way to eliminate the RX7800XT is to disable the GPU Card temporarily in Device Manager and connect your Monitor to your Motherboard to use your IGPU instead.  See if you continue to have the same issues.

Make sure you do a Restore Point before you disable the RX7800XT so that you can restore your PC back to the way it was before you did that action.

You can also try some previous RX7800XT drivers to see if it helps fix your problem in case the latest driver has issues from here:

Here is the latest AMD driver for the 7800XT:

NOTE: Run DXDIAG.exe and save it to a file. To click on the saved DXDIAG file and go to the last category to see all the files that are having issues with your PC.

Also you can check Windows Event Viewer "ERRORS" to see what other issues you are having with your PC. The errors might be similar to the DXDIAG issues.