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Did AMD drop support for the R5 3400g?

I can't install radeon 21.2.1 it says I have no hardware compatible with the driver but in the release notes it says it is compatible with processors with radeon vega graphics, it does not mention specific processors that is why i downloaded it.

I know AMD doesn't give long support to APUs but I remember, after they launch the R5 3400g, they expressed the intention in giving more support to this APUs that is why I'm confused, is this a bug or are they dropping support for this 1.5 year old APU?



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Seems like it is still supported but you need to download the correct AMD Driver for your APU from here:

Screenshot 2021-02-02 151433.png

This AMD Driver is about 2 months old only.

But latest should be compatible since, as you mentioned, it says it is compatible with Radeon APUs with Vega Graphics.

I would install the one listed above since that is the one listed under for your APU and see if it installs successfully.

Thank you for your help. I downloaded the driver you provided (20.12.1) and installed without problems. I am still confused as why 21.2.1 does not detect my APU but since it is a beta version I'll wait for the stable version and see if it was a bug or amd dropped support without announcing it was moving to legacy hardware.

I suggest you open a AMD Service Request (Official AMD SUPPORT) and ask them directly that question and why the latest didn't work for you from here:


 What is your APU? Is this a laptop? Flying blind here and guessing...please supply the required information when posting a question

If you don't know what APU and specs of your Speccy (free) it will tell you everything...then you can tell us

Download Speccy: >

CPU: Ryzen 5 3400g with radeon vega graphics(vega 11)

RAM: 8gb hyperx fury 3200mhz

MOBO: asus a320m-k

SSD: crucial mx500 250GB

Sorry about that.


I see no reason to think the graphics has lost support. Some combinations with Vega graphics are not updated as often. These are the most current drivers for your APU.