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Adept II

dgpu lost

i always get dgpu lost that happens if using hardware moniitoring apps (hwinfo64, build  h/w in Radeon Software and set as OSD)  and exit gaming to desktop. not happens if not using hardware monitoring.

my setup:

- igp (cezanne) enabled as display,   dgpu (rx 6600) only going to be use per app that demand it via Windows 11 Settings.

-b450i aorus latest BIOS

- R7 5700G

-RX 6600 Gigabyte

-Windows11 build 25236

-RS 22.10.2 whql, 22.10 also 22.10.3

Screenshot (286).png

in screenshot i can catch dgpu still in device manager list, but cant be use. Otherwise system just restart and no dgpu on device manager in the end. I have to shutdown and start up the system to bring dgpu back to device manager.

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