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Journeyman III

Develop AMD radeon HD 6400 / 7400 graphics adapter windows11 driver as soon as possible

Hello, I am an amd7400 notebook user with dual graphics card, Intel + AMD

Now the latest 16.2 driver can run on my laptop, but for example, Tencent conference Deng and other application sharing screens will display a black screen. After troubleshooting, it is confirmed that it is a driver problem. Temporarily disabling amd independent display can be solved, indicating that there is a problem with the latest version of the driver..

It can run normally in Windows 11, but some problems need to be solved.

I hope to develop a driver suitable for windows 11 as soon as possible or fix the fault of the remote black screen on the latest version of 16.2.1.

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Unfortunately there will be no more updates for that old Non-supported GPU cards.

So if the last AMD driver from 2016 BETA doesn't work properly you either need to upgrade your laptop/PC to one that is still supported by driver updates or just keep using the 2016 driver until it doesn't work anymore in Windows OS.

NOTE: The only chance you have is if your laptop manufacturer creates a new AMD Driver for your laptop. But I doubt that will happen since your laptop isn't supported either by the manufacturer.