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Adept II


Hello, the game crashes after some minutes of gameplay. Also it crashes in menu when you go to the options. A friend of mine with nvidia gpu that tried the free demo of the game on steam similar crashes. I do not know if it is the game's fault or amd driver's fault.  Can i do something? Help me. Plz AMD FIX it.   video   . Specs core i5, 8GB RAM , R9 380 4GB. THANKS!!!

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We are other users like you in this forum. So we can't fix anything. If this is a game engine issue someone may know a work around to help. You could check the Steam or other forum for this game, they often have great advice. 

In Radeon Settings under the gear at the top right is a Bug Report tool to let AMD know if it is their bug. 

Another user might have better help.

Good Luck!