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Journeyman III

Dell XPS 8900 AMD R9-390 issues

Hey all. So about three years ago, my AMD R9 390 (OEM, included with my Dell XPS 8900) started messing with my display hardcore. It was flickering and the screen was becoming all sorts of strange colors. I wasn't aware it was a problem with the GPU at the time, so I tried all sorts of different things to alleviate the issues.

I didn't know much about software/hardware back then so I ended up factory resetting my PC, and then attempted to reseat both the RAM and the GPU; during that process, I accidentally removed a pin from the MoBo and wrecked it, so I bought a new one. No big deal.

When I took it to a local shop for them to replace the MoBo, they mentioned that it may have been the power supply that was causing the problems with my GPU, so I finally got around to replacing that a few months ago with a 750w one (replacing the stock 460w). I attempted to install the drivers for my R9 390, but the system locks up every time, usually freezing around 80%. This forces me to boot up in Safe Mode, use DDU to remove the partially installed drivers, and start again. But it's been the same result every time.

Microsoft forces their "Basic Display Adapter" to install in place of the actual drivers for it, and I've seen people say that that's the main problem, but I'm not so sure. I've read that you should get the drivers from this website, but the problem is, I can't seem to find the actual drivers for the R9 390 here; just that bundle package that always fails to read because I'm in Safe Mode (even with Networking enabled). If I try using that program normally, it'll just lock my system up. If I use it in Safe Mode, it won't complete the process and it'll quit. 

Is this a software problem, or could something just be wrong with my GPU in general? This problem has been driving me crazy for the last few months and has totally hampered my ability to play games (hooray for Intel HD 530...) and I'm totally out of ideas, outside of just buying a completely new GPU. I can provide more information if someone needs that, but god I hope someone here has some helpful advice. 

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