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Dell 7520 laptop with radeon pro wx4130 card does not recognize my Solidworks software after system reboot

After laptop system reboot my Radeon pro WX 4130 does not recognize SolidWorks. I can manually add SolidWorks as program under other software (not as software on this machine) If I find the software after reset is checked as performance. but still does not recognize. must set to low and click apply and then set to performance and apply then it takes. The little manual icon shows at all times. Without this work around the computer wants to use the system onboard Intel 530 card

Video = Radeon pro WX 4130 software version 18.Q1

Computer = Dell 7520 on docking port Intel I7 16GB

Monitor = Dell 2007WFP (analog)

Operating System = Win 7 Pro SP1

Cad = SolidWorks 2017 SP 5

Thanks in Advance

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Went to SolidWorks website : SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP5 Release Notes .

This is the driver that is recommended for your Dell computer with the WX-4130 GPU card at Graphics Card Drivers | Hardware & System Requirements | SOLIDWORKS .

Copied the results after entering the data at the above link:

Went to Dell Support for your Laptop: Support for Precision 7520 | Drivers & downloads | Dell US .

It has several important updates (March 2018)  to your Laptop including BIOS and Intel Chipsets. Some are Urgent (Intel Chipset) and others are Recommended (BIOS) by Dell. Maybe by updating those items, the AMD WX-4130 Drivers may work correctly.

Did all the Dell updates to my monitor. Dell looked at laptop on a web service call and said everything on laptop is correct. My AutoCAD vendor looked at everything and they say everything looks correct. The Radeon version was off so I updated that. Still not working after a week of trying.

This weekend I am going to uninstall my AutoCAD and reload, just in case???

I will advise


So you have the latest Dell AMD Graphics driver installed from July 2017 for your video card?

By your Post your Dell laptop has all the latest Updates for Intel and BIOS. At least your laptop is up to date.

I didn't realize that SolidWorks was part of AutoCAD 2017. Sounds like AutoCAD has some type of conflict with the latest AMD Drivers. Do you have the AutoCAD SP1 (01/03/2017) installed from here: Downloads | AutoCAD | Autodesk Knowledge Network .

Seems like there is a new patch for the program: ( I believe you can download it from this post. Make sure first it the correct one for your program)

Mar 22 2018

Download the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Module (VBA)

I would browse the above link to Autocad to see if it can help you find a fix. They have a troubleshooting section for AutoCAD 2017 that can be useful. Maybe someone else is having a similar problem.

Does sound like a AMD Driver problem. Try installing the Latest Dell Graphics Driver and see if AutoCAD works correctly. If it does I would suggest to keep it until a future AMD Driver or AutoCAD is updated to make it work with the latest AMD Drivers from AMD Support.

You can open a Email Support ticket and see what AMD Support suggests. AMD Support has no knowledge of Users problems from this Forum. The only way for AMD Support to be aware of Driver issues is if Users open a AMD Report Issue Ticket or Email Ticket.

AMD REPORT ISSUE : AMD Issue Reporting Form ( AMD won't contact you with this support. Just letting AMD know there is a problem)

Email AMD Support : Email Form  (AMD might contact you with this support)


Thank you for your suggestion. But SolidWorks is not related to AutoCAD. 2 different cad packages.