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Journeyman III

Delete files in folder C:\Windows\System32\AMD\MmdAthenaDumps

Hi, I have a GPU Radeon RX 570 Series with AMD Software "Adrenalin Edition" version 22.5.1 

This created a folder "MmdAthenaDumps" in C:\Windows\System32\AMD\ a lot 118gb old file like this "R-gpu-0-g4-c199-2022-3-24-20-29-0-491" and other similar folder "MmdDumps" C:\Windows\System32\AMD\ with 2.66gb of most current files like this "R-gpu-0-g4-c199-2023-3-9-21-10-13-838".

It´s safe delete old files?

Is there any way to remove?


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Volunteer Moderator

It is safe to delete all the files in the C:AMD folder. I would not uninstall anywhere else. These are old drivers. It can free up alot of disk space if you have a bunch of them.

Found this Reddit Thread where a User is asking the same thing you are about the same file in System32 in the Windows folder:

Also run Windows Clean Disk - System Files feature to remove all unnecessary files from your computer.


Volunteer Moderator

It looks like to me that you could run Disk Cleanup as in the advanced setting there are "Device driver packages"


Journeyman III

Thanks for the responses, you can now fix the problem.
I managed to delete all the files in the "MmdAthenaDumps" folder in C:\Windows\System32\AMD\ a and I had no problem.
The files in the "MmdDumps" folder C:\Windows\System32\AMD\ are the ones in use, they MUST NOT be DELETED