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Adept I

Death Stranding continually crashes

Recently bought 6700xt, Using 21.4.1 drivers. Game freezes then I get an error report which I have submitted again and again and then crash to desktop. This game worked on my Nvidia 1080ti with no problems.

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I had a similar problem and rolling back to 21.3.1 fixed everything for me. Just another case of amd not really caring how bad their drivers are

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And something as simple as that works. Not a question - it does. Just did it and played for 40 minutes without any issue. Thanks.

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Adept I


Can you please upload an image from the windows event viewer. Is there an Application Error?

I'm asking because I have very similar problems with 5700XT and 6700XT.



ok, i see thats a very common problem and not related AMD or drivers. That happens to NVIDIA GPUs as well.

You can try sfc /scannow in PowerShel. DX12 is part W10 so that maybe helps.

How do I do that?


Right click on the Windows Button -> PowerShell (Administrator) -> Type sfc /scannow


That rebuilds damaged System Files.


Just done that and now the game doesn't launch at all. Same error appears immediately. 


Do you Start the game out of the steam Client?

If so, try the repair option


Steam needs to be running to start the game. If the icon is double clicked when Steam is not running it will force Steam to run.

I switched from Nvidia only yesterday and am regretting it. Played this game for almost a week prior to installing 6700xt without a problem.


Ok, i guess your not on a clean Install of W10.

Let's go step by step troubleshooting.

  • download DDU - Display Driver Uninstaller 
  • remove NVIDIA & AMD Driver
  • reinstall Adrenalin 21.4.1
  • right click in STEAM on the game -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity
  • sfc /scannow "again"




Did all that in fact reinstalled game and verified files, sfc /scannow found no file integrity issues. Still same problem - game freezes, crashes to desktop and shows same error.



I had a similar problem and rolling back to 21.3.1 fixed everything for me. Just another case of amd not really caring how bad their drivers are

And something as simple as that works. Not a question - it does. Just did it and played for 40 minutes without any issue. Thanks.


The newest drivers, the ones with FSR seem ok. I had 1 crash with these drivers playing Death Stranding.


21.6.1 Adrenaline


Ryzen 7  3700x 


The same issue continuously crashes with the same error. The downgrade is not the way please AMD Fix IT



@gravidmdator @antstubell 

AMD accidentality lost their Unreal Engine 3 DirectX9 optimizations since 17.7.2 with the removal of "Radeon Additional Settings" which causes a 175% FPS loss for me in minimal frame-rate scenarios in all of those games, and they have not fixed it for five years since 17.7.2 up until 21.6.1 on my RX 480 and I have been reporting it for at least 4 years every now and then.

Same goes for playing Crysis 3 on Windows 10 64 bit instead of Windows 7 and compatibility mode does not help as far as I remember.

And to think they are ending support for cards that were able to play these games flawless before 17.7.2 and it just past by them without a care in the World, this means the RX 480 was only able to play these games flawless for it's first year of existence and thereafter became obsolete due to AMDs negligence on affordable CPUs of the time.

Very gut-turning. 


Just posting to add that 21.3.1 is indeed the last working AMD driver for me as well it would be nice if someone who worked there read these and would be like oh ok and invistigate considering death stranding is still a current gen game

Junky drivers nothing els this people in amd they dont now what doing anymore maybe is time for new team in drivers department


Well I am not going to lie, Fidelity Super Resolution is impressive since I have tested it myself, but they do not have their priorities in the right place since once they update something new it breaks something else of any age.

It's as if AMD are hunting frame-rates optimizations in new games to look nice on their youtube video's or new game launches without having a care in the world of what else they break, because everything else is in the past.

They definitely seem to fork/merge their different builds together in an unstructured way.

Adept I

Reply to myself.

Just bought a RTX 3080 for my main gaming PC, will keep 6700xt for my second system and see what the future holds.

AMD sure know how to lose customers.

@antstubelldid GPU prices go down where you live? They are unaffordable where I live (the cheapest 6700XT I can see translates bake to approximately 906.74USD).


They are still over priced here in UK. I paid £720 two months ago. I just checked and some 6700xts are now £699.99.

Prices started going back down back stalled out again, slowly but surely they are trickling back down. 6700 XT I've seen from $650-850 US

So about two weeks ago, DS started to crash randomly again after being rock solid for months. It wasn't the GPU, because it started on my 5700XT and then did it on my new 6900XT.

I tried DDU, setting Steam and DS as run as admin, even did a Windows reset...nothing worked...

Until I tried to downgrade to a previous Radeon driver. So I found the June 2021 version 21.6.1, installed it and bam, hours of gameplay so far without a single crash.

AMD needs to address this as it's been a recurring issue for over a year. Come on, guys. You wanna keep taking market share? Start by taking care of your customers first then get new ones.


They have not fixed bad Unreal Engine 3 (DirectX 9 version) performance in 4 years since 17.7.2, still trying to get them to look into it.

Took me 2 years to get them fixing shadow issues in RAGE (2011 version).

Being a Radeon user is almost like being a Linux Proton gamer, you have to have a different driver version for different games to work.

Really hope their game tester team improves, because they make the mistake of only focussing on brand new games.


Just FYI, I turned on the in-game option for upsample/sharpening and got a crash within like a minute. Turned it back off, and back to stable.


Since you guys said the 21.3.1 drivers were working fine, you can maybe try copying the correct driver DLL files from the 21.3.1 driver into the game's folder where the .exe is located.

So once you have installed the 21.3.1 drivers, look for the following DLL's in a similar sub-folder to this:


- aticfx32.dll

- aticfx64.dll

- atidxx32.dll

- aticfx64.dll

Thereafter, you can install the latest driver and the game might use the DLL's for the 21.3.1 driver. Just remember to move/delete/backup those DLL files from the game folder if you do not want to use them any more or try to see if a newer driver fixes the issue.

Kind regards


For me I fixed my crashes by limiting the framerate to 143hz by turning on chill and setting the min and max to 143. 0 crashes since then.