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Journeyman III

DCS World incompatible with StoreMI

2 days ago I installed StoreMI and experienced no problems with my PC until I tried to start the game DCS World today.

During the loading screen, I got a bluescreen "Bad Pool Called".

So far I tried:

- Moving directories that contain data the game accesses to a different drive - Did not fix

- Disabling XMP in UEFI - Did not fix

- Verifying game files - Did not fix

- Uninstalling StoreMI - Problem FIXED

So it's definitely an incompatibility between DCS World and StoreMI. At least on my System.

This has been the first instance of Blue Screens with this PC for definitely more than a year, so I think it's unlikely that hardware is at fault. Especially since I only had problems with DCS and no other software for the roughly 72 hours I've been using StoreMI now.

Btw. I installed StoreMI after I did a fresh install.

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