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Journeyman III

Davinci Resolve OpenCL Issues with 6900 xt

Hi, I have unfortunately been unable to edit for months, and this is my last resort before switching to an nvidia gpu. I am an editor on davinci resolve, and I have been editing for several years with different amd graphics cards. A couple months ago, my clips would no longer load into the editor, and everything was slow, despite not even being able to see the videos that I had put into the editor. With a couple weeks of digging, I was able to identify that this was likely an issue with opencl and amd, and due to this davinci resolve was unable to use my gpu as it was designed to. The only solutions that I've been able to find was to rool back my drivers to a very specific version, only I have a slight issue. I can't install these drivers, since my 6900 xt is so recent that it came out after the drivers I need to use were made. I have treid everything I possibly can, from installing other versions of davinci, all to way to trying every single different driver version I possibly could with my graphics card, but I was unable to fix anything. I really really hope that I can find some help here. 


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