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Journeyman III

Darksiders lll - FPS Drops - RX 5700 XT

Hello. Sorry for the my little English. I have random FPS drops in the game. Through 2070 no-super I have any problems. I'm very dissapointed.  My frame rate can drop even at 40fps. The game become jsut unplayable. My RX5700 didn't load above 50-70%. For comparison I freely playing RE2 Remake on ultra settings with 60fps.
Attached DxDiag.
They should make a possibility directly report from Radeon Software game's page.


UPD: 11.01.2020

Updated drivers to 20.1.1. It doesn't help. Sadly. I decided to test one the most freezed location in the game where I have fps drops at 40 on rtx2070.
RTX2070 GPU load was around 40%-45%. Occasionaly I can have dropы to 57fps or even below but realy rarely. Most of time I have stable 60-61 fps.
My RX5700XT GPU laod jumping like crazy from 30% to 70% gpu laod. Even if I will just stand on place and I will looking at one point.

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Darksiders 3 is garbage, the game has a lot of bugs and graphic artifacts closer to the end of the game, on consoles the situation is exactly the same, I went through it on the rx 5700 xt myself, the problem is not so much in the drivers as in the game itself, it is made like garbage, if any opportunity, return money for the game

Yes. I guess I know it but it's still annoying because on 2070 for first 5 min I didn't notice any fps drops or something. I really didn't play too long on rtx2070 but a location was the same in the game. May be rtx2070 has problems with fps, too, but first impression was very strong about difference berween graphic cards.
It's only if I understand you right. Devs from Darksiders lll optimized their game only for nvidia cards. Oh it's really sucks. I guess here you are right. Very sadly.

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Thanks. I will check it. It's really strange. I have already checked a couple times for the latest updates inside Radeon Software and it tolds me nothing about new updates. X-x How does it work? May be I something missunderstand. Here the screenshot:



Oh. I figured out. By default Radeon Software checked only for recommended updates or around it. I set it to check for additional drivers, too. And it's working now I can downlaod the latest driver automatically.