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D3D11 render with vp9 deocde in 1080P or above cause stuttering (3400G)

Forgive my poor English.

I watch youtube with 1080p,4K, 1080P60,4k60 resolution. Sometims the video stutter with 100% decode usage.

Futhermore,the higher resolution or fps, the higher chances to get stuttering.

I test 3 browsers and get  the same result. (chrome, edge, firefox)

This problem only happen in angle which choose D3D11 and D3D11 on 12. It is normal in d3d9 or opengl. The latter solutions with their  own diadvantage.

Therefore, I download the 1080P60 video with vp9 format.

I play the video with MPC-HC, with d3d11 render HW acceleration(LAV video decoder), and it sutter after 5 mins.

I guess the driver does not work perfectly.



tuf b450 pro gaming (bios 3211)

3200mhz 8x2gb ram







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