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CyberPowerPC Model:GMA3800BST AMD Ryzen 7 2700 NOT booting properly after PC reset


I've had this PC for a while for my son. It started acting a bit funky (crashing once in a while) and I decided to do a RESET (while preserving files).

It got stuck at 64% on the updating blue screen. Never worked.

Now I start it, it goes to the login screen but there is a ProfSvc error message.

If I start in recovery mode I can't recover anything, restore startup, nothing works... If I try to mount the drives separately via cable onto a working laptop, the drives won't mount and it seems to be because the laptop can't recognize one drive separate from the other because of the StoreMI technology (which for the most part lacks in documentation).

How can I restore some of the files I had before this failure and reset the entire thing?

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Is this a Laptop?

Is it under Warranty still?

If still under Warrant and your Warranty covers restoring your Laptop to the way it was when it came from the factory then I suggest you go that route to prevent any actions you might do to void your laptop Warranty.

That error you received concerns your Window's Profile which is corrupted. You won't be able to boot into Windows until your Profile is repair or fixed.

This tech website gives good tips on how to fix the issue:

NOTE: As a last resort you might have to do a clean Windows installation using a Flash Drive or DVD with Windows Installation files on it.


It may be under warranty. It's a gaming Pc bought August 2019. Let me check that first and get back to this forum after I check in case others are looking for a similar issue resolution. Thanks for the feedback.

CyberPowerPC has a one year Warranty and Parts on Notebooks and a 3 year Warranty on PC:

Screenshot 2022-02-27 093811.png

Here is CyberpowerPC E-Commerce Warranty:

Screenshot 2022-02-27 093811.png


Hi, I did find that link... the issue not is getting one of their agents on the phone... Nobody is ever there.

Normally I would consider a BIOS reflash in safe mode in your case.

If the SSD/HDD boot sector is corrupted then you would have to wipe and reload the core factory drivers.

Windows getting corrupted like that may be a sign of a rootkit or Cyber PC built in security feature that could have been corrupted or caused the corruption.

Can you not even boot to safe mode? Are you getting a no boot device detected message? Are getting any BIOS feedback showing missing hardware or hardware not detected like CPU GPU RAM SSD HDD.

Even if windows is corrupted you should still be able to access BIOS.

If you are no longer under warranty you may be able to fool the system into thinking it has a different boot drive by changing the boot path. Try changing the boot drive to a different port and reassigning your boot drive designation through your BIOS either manually or automatically.

You can do this manually by placing your boot drive on a different number in the boot priority list.

Like elstaci said if it is under warranty go with that but make sure all your hardware is back in its pre built configuration or this can void your warranty. They may say that it is a MicroSoft problem since windows fails to boot.