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Adept I

Custom Resolutions and bpp

Using Radeon Software 21.5.2 and RX 580.

If I create a custom resolution (for example 4K 30Hz) for my 4K 60Hz display which supports 10 bpc RGB, the Radeon software will only allow me to use 8bpc.

If I create the custom resolution using CRU to create an EDID override in the registry, then I can also choose 6 bpc and 10 bpc. Also the custom resolution is missing all the chroma sub sampling pixel formats. Only RGB is available, even though the other formats are available with the 60Hz timing.

CRU is a fine workaround (and probably superior to Radeon Software Custom Resolutions anyway), however, I want to use my display with an MST Hub, but the Radeon driver doesn't use the EDID override for displays connected to an MST Hub.

Why does it take months to fix a couple simple bugs? Actually, it looks like the EDID override is working with my MST Hub now. I need to test my newer AMD GPUs to make sure the problem is fixed with them as well.

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