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Journeyman III

Custom resolution not working as expected

hi guys, i recently bought an amd gpu, i used to be a nvidia user, and i always used the custom resolution (1280x1080 75hz) on my pc with the nvidia card without any problems, but when i moved to amd, i having some troubles with that, i created the same resolution on the same monitor that i used the nvidia card, it works,  but not as expected, its not fitting the monitor screen, the default monitor resolution is 1280x1024, but im trying to use it at 1280x1080 , i always used that resolution on the nvidia gpu and i had no problems, the resolution fitted fine on the screen, but not in the amd gpu, the resolution is exceeding the monitor screen and i cant click on some areas because i cant see where the cursor of the mouse is, so there is no point of using a custom resolution on amd cards if it is like that, i already tried enabling gpu scalling but did not worked, anyone have a fix ? sorry for my bad english