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Journeyman III

Cursor "Working in the Background" flashing with both an AMD and an Nvidia card

I have both an AMD and Nvidia card in my computer for reasons I wouldn't want to disclose now , but the moment I install the Adrenaline Drivers the cursor starts flashing "working in the background". This could be "fixed" with the previous drivers by repluging the HDMI cable going into the AMD card but not since the latest 20.2.2 update.

Removing the card is not an option I need and use it all the time.


Here's a video about the problem:

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Community Manager

This type of configuration (using a AMD GPU and a Nvidia GPU in the same system) is not supported and could well be the cause of this issue. 

If the issue occurs with just an AMD GPU present in the system, please can you show this happening and follow the same steps as you followed in the video above, showing task manager and using ReLive to capture the footage. 

Journeyman III

I have the same issue. Installed the 20.2.2 driver today for my RX580, and right after reboot, the cursor starts flashing "working in background". I have no other GPU installed - only the RX580. I 've tried uploading a video here. Don't know if it worked..