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Journeyman III

cs go specific driver issues

I have had a very mixed bag of experiences with amd drivers for my rx280x (THAT ARE SPECIFICALLY CS GO RELATED, which is really important to me) ever since i got it and its a couple of years old now (got it in 2015), some of the drivers from around the 2017-2018 were stable and had no problems, but as cs go kept updating amd have seemingly not been keeping up with the new bugs/freezes that popped up, i initially had problems in 2015 but the game didnt get alot of updates then so amd kept up, now they are happening again cause the game started getting frequent updates again, the newest drivers (both beta and the standard ones) have issues with the screen somewhat randomly freezing (although most consistently upon death in the game) and sometimes it would unfreeze but 8/10 it would stay frozen and you could only kill the game with task manager) but considering how competitive high level cs is that is a big deal, and it is very hard to play regularly, not even mentioning the struggle that comes with having to play tournaments with stuff like this happening, my end question being which is the most advisable/stable recommended driver specifically for cs, i know its a little bit of a neiche qustion...