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Journeyman III

Crossfire not working correctly couldnt find the solution in forums

hii guys so  since  about half a year already my crossfire is not working well and i would love some help.

gpu: 2 times amd r9 295x2 ( so 4 gpus)

cpu: intel  i7 4970k

ram: 16 gb

psu: 1600w evga gold

screen: samsung UHD screen i think its called u28d5E something like that i apologize for not knowing

driver: 18.3,4

so anyway since the last probably 6 months i suspected crossfire to not be working well  but i didnt have much free time to play so i didnt bother checking, now that i tried playing arma 3

after a long time of not playing i saw that my old settings made the game run at about 20 fps

at 4k ultra. now before hand it  used to run at 120 fps really without problems.

so i downloaded msi afterburner and what i found is that my gpu usage while playing is basically:

all the time the usage switche between the gpus with almost always only 2 gpus active with like 80% 20% 16% really random usage and it switches between all of them all the time. sometimes its even just one gpu at 100% and rarely its 3 or 4 with all having random usage percentages.

so obviously not working proper.

i also ran the game without crossfire and found the fps to be basically exactly the same.

what i tried:

reinstalling windows

reinstalling drivers

disabling ulps

playing other games that i used to run really well with crossfire ( bf4 titanfall 2 dying light) to see if issue is similiar and it is in other games the same issue is there, similiar gpu usage.

also just to clarify i am playing on fullscreen.

also just to clarify i see the crossfire logo on when i play with it enabled.

both didnt work.

i also checked and each graphic card works well individually and at 100% when running a game without crossfire. so basically its some weird interference.

thanks alot for the help and cant wait to get it fixed beacuse i love 4k gaming and just gaming and was really looking forward to be back to playing with my spare time!

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Are all four GPU's connected directly on the Motherboard or are you using Risers for two of them?

Here is AMD Crossfire FAQ: AMD CrossFire™ FAQ

How to Setup Crossfire :

MSI Afterburner is not totally compatible with AMD Wattman, even if Wattman is not activated. AMD Forum recommends uninstalling 3rd party OC software. Be sure to put the card back on "Default" before uninstalling MSI Afterburner.

Use strictly AMD Wattman to configure your Multi-GPU installation. Here how to use Wattman: How to Tune GPU Performance Using Radeon Wattman and Radeon Chill


Hii thanks for the thoughtful answer.

for you 1st question i honestly dont know, how can i check? as i didnt build the computer.

i know my crossfire is set well because it worked well until about 6 months ago but ill take a look at how to set it up again just in case.

i will delete msi afterburner but the thing with wattman is that whenever i toggle onscreen monitoring radeon settings crash. also i dont do any overclocking or anything of the sorts.


" but the thing with wattman is that whenever i toggle on screen monitoring radeon settings crash"

When Wattman crashes from doing the above mentioned action, What ERROR messages pop up?


I  honestly dont remember but its somewhere along the lines of raden settings crashed or something of the sorts.


ok the exact reponse i recieve is radeon host application is restarting and it happens often when i press cntrl + alt + l to activate the on screen monitoring.


Does it do the same thing when you use the default ALT+R keys?


good question ill have to check it out tomrrow