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Journeyman III

crimson update

it keeps sending me threw the update driver loop and i already did it radieon 18.12.2 for my rx580 4gb what do i do?

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Sorry don't understand what you mean. Please elaborate your issue and provide any of the following information that is missing, thanks! :

When posting a new question, please provide as much detail as possible describing your issue making sure to include the relevant hardware and software configuration. 

For example:

  • Issue Description: [Describe your issue in detail here]
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If you're on latest18.12.3 and you're getting messages to update to 18.12.2, that's a bug. It shouldn't be bothering you to update to the latest recommended driver when you have a later optional version. Just disable notifications on Preferences.

I am not too sure about what I am typing now!

To me it seems that the update from an earlier 18.?.? was performed, but could not install the matching driver.

So the Adrenalin Software is up to spiff but the actual driver is not.

Unfortunately, AMD software, may do something or may run into an problem or fail otherwise and never lets you know! (NOT EVEN AN HOUR GLASS)

For some reason the software gets a check flag and displays the update info (I had that too Any solutions to the err 1603 problem after Windows 10 update and AMD Adrenalin driver package? ). After the EDIT:

After I made a change in the registry and re-installed the software, AMD was happy and did not display the update recommendation.