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Journeyman III

Crimson drivers GPU scaling


I play alot of csgo and wanna use the resolution 1280x960 4:3. this is possible when using GPU scaling.

the problem here is when i turn on the GPU scaling i cant turn my desktop to 1920x1080but only to 1600x900.

what am i doing wrong? also if i forgot something that you need to help me ask me and i will try to get you that information.

Please help me.


Rik Rook

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Re: Crimson drivers GPU scaling

Scaling is when, for instance, you run a game that is natively 640x480, but you'd prefer to run it @ a much higher resolution, like 1600x1200, or even 1920x1080 (without aspect)--the GPU can scale up the lower resolution to the resolution you want. The resulting image will look almost exactly like the lower-res image because that is what it is--just scaled up. (It might appear marginally better but a 640x480 native res game scaled up to a much higher resolution won't look anything like a game which allows you to set the resolution you want from within the game itself.)

To just run a game @ 1280x960 you are simply setting a resolution for the game to run in. I don't play csgo, but does the game allow you to set a screen resolution from inside the game?  (Most games do today.)  If so, then it shouldn't matter what resolution your Windows desktop is, because once you enter the game you can use the game's internal resolution settings to play the game @ 1280x960.

I doubt you'll know how to do this, but the Crimsons also allow you to create custom resolutions which you can select either from Windows or from your game itself. What I'm suggesting is that you try and do what you want from inside the game itself--that would be far easier and much better looking than any low-res game scaled to a higher resolution.

Good luck!