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Journeyman III

Crimson Driver - Crossfire & Overdrive issues.



FX 8350

16GB DDR3 1333

Asus 990fx Sabertooth Rev2.

2x R9 290 (R9 290 DirectCU II OC. )

After installing the new crimson driver I can no longer use AMD Overdrive fan settings on the primary GPU.

It appears that the drivers are seeing the GPU's in the wrong order.

Within Radeon app, Primary GPU  shows no activity on desktop , while the secondary is working. I cannot manually set the fan speed on the primary card, only the second one, (which is useless) When setting the fan speed Globally on the first GPU the fan control will turn off & reset when I click apply, if I set it per profile it will apply but has no effect. (Second card overdrive settings works in all cases. The apps shows stats for primary card, but settings apply to second card. )

I did note that temp monitor apps are still seeing the cards in the correct order, only appears to be the Radeon Software that has issues, so its definitely not using my second card as the main GPU.

The Radeon software is basically applying the settings for the primary card to the second card, and the second card settings don't do anything.

Aside for that everything else works OK (Well Fallout 4 Compass distorted, but I'm sure yall have heard about that already.), not sure if it is worth reinstalling again, or just roll back until a newer version comes out. any suggestions would be appreciated.



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